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В Тбилиси Родился Брусилов Алексей Алексеевич (1853–1926), российский военачальник.

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Онлайн ТВ Грузии  Популярный
Описание: Каталог онлайн телевидения и веб-камер Грузии.
хиты: 45027
Добавлено: 01-Июнь-2010
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Internet TV - Radio  Популярный
Описание: Грузинское телевидение: Rustavi 2 - Live и архивы; Georgian Public Broadcast - Live и архивы; русское телевидение: музыкальный канал A One, Discovery Channel; HD - Movies; Radio - Energy Radio Tbilisuri - Georigan Music 24/7 Radio - Dzveli Kalaki
хиты: 7758
Добавлено: 02-Дек-2008
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Imedi  Популярный
Описание: ???????????? ????? 2001 ???? ?????????? ????????. ???? ????????????? ???????? ?.?. ?-?????. ????????????? ????? ????????? ????????? ????????????, ?????, ?????????????? ?????????? ?? ???? ?????????? ??????????. ????? ???????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ?????????????? ??????????????. ???????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ???????????.   ??????????, ??????????? ?????????? ?? ??????????? ????????????? ????????????? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?????, ???????? ОРТ-?? ?? ТВ-6-?? ?????????? ?? ????????? ???????? ????? ????.   ???????????? ?????????? ?????? ???????,
хиты: 6635
Добавлено: 14-Окт-2005
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Rustavi 2  Популярный
Описание: Since it was first formed as a company in 1994 Rustavi 2 has been the premier and the most popular Broadcasting Company of Georgia. Rustavi 2 is a privately owned free to air terrestrial broadcaster that currently reaches around 84% of the country's population. The area Rustavi 2 covers outside Georgia via satellite 24 hour broadcasting includes Europe, European part of Russia and Middle East. Rustavi 2 provides a diverse range of the legitimate top quality programming from up-to-the-minute daily news and political talk shows to a range of original entertaining programs, sports and the Georgian adapted world's hit productions. Rustavi 2's programs are rating leaders in Georgia. First to use digital hardware in Georgia, first to air via satellite, first to conduct live foreign transmission or to use videophones for live transmissions, Rustavi 2 keeps pace with the changes in television technology constantly improving the quality of broadcasting. With its innovative approaches and proving to be the most competitive and successful broadcaster in Georgia, Rustavi 2 has won Georgian TV viewers' appreciation and gained international recognition.
хиты: 7461
Добавлено: 14-Окт-2005
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Georgian TV&Radio broadcasting  Популярный
Описание: Georgian TV broadcasting started its activity in 1956, radio Broadcasting in the twenties of the last year. 85% of our country's population receive the programs of the First Channel of Georgian TV, 55% receive the programs of the Second Channel. European Countries, CIS among them and Asia Minor receive these programs through the Satellite System and the inter net as well. The hard core of the first channel of Georgian TV broadcasting policy is the information, with its main issue "Moambe" at 20 p.m.. The informational programs "Moambe" at 12 o'clock, at 15 p.m. and at 23 p.m. acquaint the viewers with practically all important events of the day. The day begins with the cognitive- entertainment program "Alioni" (Dawn), "Nashuadgevs"(Midday") goes in the air at 13 p.m., Daily News in English - at 14.00. All aforementioned are daily programs. For Russian-speaking population is broadcasted the program "Vestnik". Every Saturday in the air goes analytical talk show "Zeitnot". Now, in connection with transition to the Public Broadcasting, are going on reform; the renewal of technical base and implementation of digital devices are underway. Our strategic aim is to carry out the essential measures in implementation of non-bounding instruments of the Council of Europe in the media field. Taking into account the historical traditions and cultural heritage of our country and achievements of the World electronic media, newly thinking personnel of Georgian TV and Radio Broadcasting expresses the prevalent interests of our society.
хиты: 6491
Добавлено: 14-Окт-2005
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Mze  Популярный
Описание: TV company "Mze" was founded in march, 2003. The company broadcasts on 45 decimetre frequence and includes the whole private and cable television network package, within the territory of Tbilisi. Since November 1, 2004 the company broadcasts by satellite.
хиты: 6354
Добавлено: 14-Окт-2005
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