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В Тбилиси Родился Брусилов Алексей Алексеевич (1853–1926), российский военачальник.

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Georgian Avia Tour (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: Основным родом деятельности компании являются авиаперевозки и туризм
хиты: 5913
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Samgori tour (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: The tour operator company
хиты: 5762
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Levon Travel (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: Levon Travel, an American Express Travel Services Representative, was established in 1960 as a full service IATA agency specializing in air travel and tours to Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and the Middle East. Our main office in the U.S. is located in Glendale, California and we have branch offices in Yerevan, Armenia and Tbilisi,Georgia , which offer an extensive array of travel services to tourists, business travelers, christian groups and art students interested in exploring the historical, religious and artistic remnants and present life of the region and its inhabitants. Escorted coach tours with multi-lingual guides to ancient monasteries, marvelous natural sights, such as Lake Sevan or Mount Ararat as well as discovery of the cities' night life and cafes is our specialty. Our tours can be customized based on your interest and include different meal plans, Superior to Deluxe hotel accommodations, airport transfers and side trips to Artsakh and Kakheti (wine region) among other destinations. Moreover, our staff is trained in planning FIT programs for individuals and groups desiring to travel to European destinations, such as romantic Italian cities, provincial French villages, coastal Spanish retreats, the Greek isles or Hawaiian Islands. . .
хиты: 5866
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Travel club (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: They used to say that everything what we are doing is the result of roaming of our mind. By means of my main profession - the chess-playing - I visited many countries and made sure that the travel serves not the entertainment and recreation only but maturity, intimacy extension of life. Georgians - an ancient nation, itself is the traditional and prehistoric country. Apart from our great sense of hospitality, God donated the most beautiful nature to us, silvery mountains, permanent glaciers, lavish fields, magic seaside. In this small country you can experience mountain adventure as well as golden beach vacation, subtropics, temperate woods and fields, deserts and glaciers ... We are considered to be the homeland of vine and wheat. Georgian kitchen will amaze you with its variety and taste. We are proud of our folklore, traditional spiritual dancing and original polyphonic Georgian songs. Georgian architecture is remarkable with its painting, sculptors and traditions. This is my beautiful country - Georgia. It is too difficult to tell in words all the joy and happiness you experience during your visit in our country in this short article. For that reason, please visit. You will not regret. It will be great pleasure for us to host you, as the saying goes in here "guest is a gift of God".
хиты: 5676
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Caucasus Travel (ENG, GER, ITA, FRA)  Популярный
Описание: This new website aims to be an information and knowledge reference point for those who are interested in traveling to Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan as well as for those who want to have more information about this beautiful and unrevealed region of the world. Here you can find all kinds of information about how to plan a tour to Georgia as well as about Georgian Culture, History, Arts, Traditions & Cuisine, Capital Tbilisi (Tiflis) and Main Cities and Some advices on what to read and see about Georgia. The website is equipped with the travel tools like Distances Counter and different useful maps of Georgia and Caucasus, weather forecast links, Picture Travel tool, where one can find a lot of beautiful photos of Georgia.
хиты: 5663
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Itageorgia (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: Travel company
хиты: 6291
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Intourist-caucasia Ltd.  Популярный
Описание: “The First Tourism Company Ltd” - Tourism, Tbilisi, Georgia has been originated on the base of former USSR Tourism and Travel Company “INTOURIST”. The history of our Company begins from 1950. Up to 199O annually we received more than 300.000 visitors here in Georgia. The Company's staff includes high-professional management with own guide-interpreters. All foreigners who intend to travel in Georgia, can easily receive Georgien entry visa at the Georgian embassies in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Pome, Bonn, Athens, Vienna, Ankara, Trabson, Tel-Aviv, Teheran, Baku, Erevan, Tashkent, Moscow, Kiev, Brussels for Bini-lux countries, or upon arrival at Tbilisi International Airport. There are embassies and international organizations of USA, Germany, UK, France, Vatican, UN, OSCE, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, China, Israel, Greece, Iran, Turkey, International Red Cross, UNHCR, UNICEF, Sohnut in Tbilisi.
хиты: 5520
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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