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Родился Дзнеладзе Борис Давидович один из организаторов комсомола Грузии.

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Коллекция грузинской музыки  Популярный
Описание: Самая большая коллекция грузинской музыки в интернете
хиты: 9095
Добавлено: 02-Дек-2008
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Тексты грузинских песен  Популярный
Описание: Тексты грузинских песен
хиты: 7539
Добавлено: 20-Янв-2006
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Сообщество Нино Катамадзе  Популярный
Описание: Сообщество Нино Катамадзе в блогах livejournal.com - новости, фотографии и тд. Присоединяйтесь!
хиты: 7181
Добавлено: 30-Ноя-2005
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Erisioni  Популярный
Описание: ERISIONI - The Georgian National Singing and Dancing Ensemble The artists of Georgian Legend company have been trained by Erisioni, The Georgian National Singing and Dancing Ensemble, under the tutelage of Artistic Director Djemal Chkuaseli and Choreographer Revaz Chokhonelidze. This revered Georgian academy has just celebrated its 115th anniversary. The company's artists rehearse six hours per day, six days per week, year-round, to prepare for Georgian Legend's performances. They give everything they have on stage, not only because they love their art, but also because they are proud to be their country's cultural ambassadors. The Dances Georgian dance reflects Georgian life. Some dances emphasize bravery and courage, others reflect fluidity, grace and elegance. They sometimes pay tribute to the snow-covered summits of the Caucasus mountains, or tell the story of the fall of a fortress, or the training of men with sabers. Like the polyphonic songs, the dances were passed on by the Georgian ancestors and evolved throughout centuries thanks to the talents of the choreographers and the performers. A famous Georgian choreographer, George Balanchine, has definitely left his mark. During the last 15 centuries, Georgia was invaded 22 times by its neighbors. This has produced a rich multiethnic culture, extraordinary costumes and dances with Persian, Russian, Arabic, Mongol and Judaic influences. The Songs Through their polyphonic harmonies the singers pass on the emotion of ten centuries of Georgian song. Traditionally Georgians have sung to celebrate their work, to prepare for battle, to renew their spirit, to remember their history. The polyphonic songs of Georgian Legend embody the rich and tumultuous history of the ancestors of the Georgian people. In 1977, the US space agency NASA launched a space probe called "Voyager" with exemplars of the finest artistic and music talents as a testimony of the human race's abilities. The Georgian song "Tchakrulo" (translate "Union") that you will discover in the show was sent into outer space as mankind's ultimate vocal achievement.
хиты: 6361
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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Sukhishviltbi (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: The founders' son Tengiz Sukhishvili is the Artistic Director and General manager of The Georgian National Ballet. His spouse Ms. Inga Tevzadze is also a former dancer, nowadays ballet master. Iliko Sukhishvili Jr. is a chief choreographer of the Georgian National Ballet today. Nino Sukhishvili is a deputy-manager and costume designer. Three generations of Sukhishvili family dedicated their lives to the Georgian National Ballet. The Georgian National Ballet has seventy dancers and a small orchestra.
хиты: 8713
Добавлено: 14-Авг-2005
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