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Родилась Майя ЧИБУРДАНИДЗЕ, чемпионка мира по шахматам.

Родился Зураб ТУТБЕРИДЗЕ, режиссер и сценарист. Фильмография.

Родился Александр РЕХВИАШВИЛИ, режиссер, сценарист и кинооператор.

В Сухуми родился Гено ЦУЛАЯ, режиссер. Фильмография.

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The Goethe-Institut (ENG,GER)  Популярный
Описание: The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institution operational worldwide. We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange. We also foster knowledge about Germany by providing information on its culture, society and politics. With our network of Goethe-Instituts, Goethe-Centres, cultural societies, reading rooms and exam and language centres we have played a central role in the cultural and educational policies of Germany for over 50 years. We draw our information from the many sections of our cosmopolitan society and culture, combining the experience and ideas of our partners with our cross-cultural expertise. We work on the principle of dialogue and partnership, offering our support to all those actively involved with Germany and its language and culture. We are an autonomous body and politically independent. We embrace the politicocultural challenges of globalisation. We achieve this through communication, developing innovative concepts for a more humane world where cultural diversity is welcomed as an enrichment of our society. Our partners are public and private cultural institutions, the federal states, local authorities and the world of commerce. The Goethe-Institut has an overall budget of approximately ? 278 million at its disposal. Much of this consisits of yearly grants from the German Foreign Office and the German Press Office. Our relationship with the Foreign Office is governed by general agreement. Self generated income and contributions from sponsors and patrons, partners and friends broaden the scope of our work. The Goethe-Institut carefully coordinates its activities with other mediators of cultural and educational foreign policy.
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Tbilisi State Medical University TSMU  Популярный
Описание: TSMU is the main center of the highest medical education and science, leading higher educational establishment in Georgia. There is concentrated the main part of medical teachers and scientific staff. The history of higher medical education in Georgia practically is the history of TSMU. The Tbilisi State Medical Institute (now University) was established in 1930, on the basis of medical faculty existed in the Tbilisi State University from 1922. In 1992 the Tbilisi State Medical Institute got the autonomous status of University according to the decision of Georgian government. TSMU is the full and competent member of such international organizations as: International Association of Universities (IAU) European Universities Association (EUA), former CRE European Association of International Education (EAIE) World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) Association of Medical Education of Europe (AMEE) East-Europe Association of Medical Education (EEAME) European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) TSMU Diploma is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Organization (UNO), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and by other international organizations, that awards the international status to the University. At TSMU function 9 faculties: General Medicine (Georgian, Russian, English sections), Pediatrics, Public Health and Management, Stomatology (Dentistry), Pharmacy, High School of Military-Medicine, Bio-Medicine, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, Foreign Languages (English, German, French) evening faculties preparing interpreters – working in Medical sphere. There are 63 chairs at the TSMU, 1079 person work there, 715 professors, among them there are 142 doctors of science and 410 candidates of science. In TSMU work 2 real members of Georgian Academy of Science, 5 corresponding members, 23 academicians of Academy of Medical Sciences, 24 members of Academy of Medico-Biology, 20 members of Academies of Foreign Countries, 20 laureate of State Rewards. At TSMU function the Medical College and its branch in Kutaisi, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research (IECR), the Scientific Research Institute of Pathology (Kutaisi), Scientific Library, Analytical Center of Information, teacher training courses, Pharmaceutical training courses, 3 museums, several studies, culture center and studios. TSMU owns strong material-technical base for teaching and scientific work, 3 buildings of medical city, with pharmaceutical building apart, for manufacture of medical-therapeutic materials, administrative and study buildings, #1 University Clinic with 160 beds, #2 Pediatric Clinic with 710 beds, Stomatological Clinic, 2 Children Stomatological Clinics. The University clinics are situated on the base of #8 Hospital, #3 Maternity House and the Children Nursery School. The TSMU has the dormitory with 250 place, printing establishment, sport complex, 2 football fields, 2 sport halls, open and closed courts, square for military training and firing ground, the building for vivarium, experimental botanical gardens for pharmaceutical faculty. The area of TSMU building is 109 827 m2. TSMU regularly publishes journal of international importance - Analls of Bio-Medical Research and Education (ABRE) and collections of scientific works. For issue of textbooks and scientific monographs, stimulation and financial support of authors is organized University publishing commission. TSMU has many scientific contacts, organizes international forums and financially supports scientific research activity by the project-grant principle. TSMU professors are the health service national programme’s coordinators, the main specialists of Health Ministry, consultants and so on. High-qualified specialists of TSMU regularly carry out free medical service to the population of different regions
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Sakpatenti  Популярный
Описание: Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia became one of the earliest countries that started the functioning its own industrial property protection system. The functionality of the independent industrial property legal system is dated from 1993 May 1. At its initial stage, it was called a Patent Office, which was responsible for receiving patent applications, conducting examination procedures upon them, and granting patents. Similar actions were undertaken as to the registration of trademarks within the same Office. The newly established legal framework pertaining to the intellectual property protection in Georgia was very much similar to that of the former Soviet Union, the basic difference between the two being the fact that the patent granted to the applicant involved was considered to be at the applicant's disposal, as distinct from the Soviet legal patent system where the protective document, so called "certificate of ownership", with its legal right was entirely at the disposal of the Soviet government. Since the date of its establishment, Georgia's industrial property protection system has been undergoing dramatic changes as to the development of its legal framework and the organizational arrangement of the Office as a whole. Right at the initial stage of its operation, it became party to the PCT, and from that point onwards, close cooperation with various intellectual property offices throughout the world has rapidly been expanding. Major developments have been performed thanks to the assistance of WIPO and EPO whose efforts have been directed mainly towards the provision of information and training of personnel as well. These two major offices are doing their utmost in order to keep abreast the industrial property offices outside the EP convention of the latest developments in this area of industrial property protection. These and other assisting activities of WIPO and EPO became incentive for development of the internal information system in Georgia's Intellectual Property Office. In the last three years or so the Office conducted extensive work aimed at implementing a modernized automated system for performing examination procedures and handling the applications filed with the Office as well as keeping accountancy, etc. The information system includes also searchable databases of national patent and trademark data which is provided to the expert users via a local area network. The implementation project was launched in 1997 and it is at the stage of completion at present. IP information is obtained, along with other information sources, through the Internet. Access to the Internet is available as of August 1995. Shortly after the getting access to the Internet, the Office developed its own Website containing the information on all aspects of its activity. The main trend of the office information policy is for the time being to acquire as many IP documentation as is needed to cover all of the major developed countries throughout the world. In this regard, basic collection on CDROMs has been acquired and is extensively used by the Office staff using the juke-boxes specially purchased for these purposes. As regards the freshest information which is not yet included in the CDROMs the examiners are using the remote access to the commercial databases for this purposes, as is e.g. Questel-Orbit. National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia is located in Tbilisi. Currently, it has approximately 150 employees. The Office represents a single premises and is divided into several departments. The department which is responsible for conducting e.g. patent examination is subdivided into the following technical divisions: - Physics, electronics and Electrical Engineering; - Mechanics; - Mining, Building and Light Industry; - Organic Chemistry; - Inorganic Chemistry; - Biology and Biotechnology; - Food Industry. The Trademarks examination department is composed of four divisions. Apart from the examination departments there are a Department of Automation, Department for Information and International Relations, and legal Department. Remaining departments are functioning for administrative purposes as well as accountancy etc. Being formerly titled as Georgian Patent Office the organization, in 1999, was given another name - National Intellectual Property Center. The New title of the organization more completely formulates all aspects of its expanded activities for the last few years.
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RPC "Electron Technology"  Популярный
Описание: RPC "Electron Technology" of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) has a long-standing experience, know-how and laboratory facilities in the field of gallium arsenide and related compounds. 25 years of investigations, development and production to the orders of the Military-Industrial Complex of the former Soviet Union. Developments in the field of RF Gunn diodes, p-i-n diodes, field-effect transistors (FET's), high electron mobility transistors (HEMT's) as well as integrated circuits (IC's). Since 1992, after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the RPC has a status of a laboratory of TSU. Redirection of focus - RPC have redirected their focus from national to international cooperation to become a member of the borderless scientific community, also undertaking market-oriented research and development. Since 1994 - participation in the conversion processes within the framework of implementation of international projects and programs, integration into the world scientific community, updating of facilities.
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Office Gela Mikadze  Популярный
Описание: Office Gela Mikadze is one of the leading Intellectual Property Law Firm in Georgia. We provide legal services to more than two thousands international, national, regional and local clients. We are a business-minded law firm serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities to individuals and nonprofit organizations from offices in Tbilisi, (Georgia) and Rockville, Maryland, (USA). Our practice covers the spectrum of intellectual property services, including applying for protection, litigation, appeals, interferences, licensing, opinions, corporate transactions and due diligence in Georgia, the CIS Countries and the Baltic States. This commitment to our clients and to excellence has propelled the firm to national prominence. Mutual respect and a common desire to excel on behalf of each of our clients are present in every aspect of the firm's practice. Our continuing success and Georgia's recent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) encourage us to draw your attention on the services our law firm provides. Gela Mikadze Managing Director President of the Association of the Georgian Patent Attorneys
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Nakres  Популярный
Описание: We give the highest priorities to the following conservation activities throughout the Southern Caucasus: Inventory, research and monitoring of rare and endangered species Habitat conservation Species recovery intervention - to facilitate the natural recovery, and reintroduction Environmental education Collaboration with legislative, executive and business sectors concerning biodiversity protection in the Caucasus   During eleven years of its existence NACRES has been active in: a) Elaborating, perfecting and implementing new methodologies for wildlife conservation, such as methods for the reintroduction of captive-raised mammals into their natural habitats; b) Drafting legislation for parliamentary consideration and encouraging the Parliament to sign and ratify different environmental conventions, protocols and treaties (such as the NACRES initiative to adhere to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna-CITES); c) Carrying out various education activities, participating in television and radio programs, and publishing articles in both the local and international press; d) Networking with research organizations and environmental agencies in the South Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia); e) Implementing national biodiversity conservation programs; f) Implementing specific environmental projects throughout the Caucasus.
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It-knowledge (ENG)  Популярный
Описание: Founded in December 2002, IT-knowledge Ltd. is a flexible fast growing IT company headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. IT-Knowledge serves organization and firms from all Georgia, which forward their specialists in IT-Knowledge Training Center to study computer sciences. Our mission is to assist the prosperity of our customers, investors and partners by developing and marketing of innovative IT technologies and solutions. We provide the best possible value in software solutions for the development and deployment of your critical business information systems. Because we are able to recognize and maximize your IT investments, our solutions aim at dramatically reducing your risk. We strive to make your business processes prosper and your company more agile.
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Добавлено: 29-Авг-2005
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IT-Knowledge  Популярный
Описание: Founded in December 2002, IT-knowledge Ltd. is a flexible fast growing IT company headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. IT-Knowledge serves organization and firms from all Georgia, which forward their specialists in IT-Knowledge Training Center to study computer sciences. Our mission is to assist the prosperity of our customers, investors and partners by developing and marketing of innovative IT technologies and solutions. We provide the best possible value in software solutions for the development and deployment of your critical business information systems. Because we are able to recognize and maximize your IT investments, our solutions aim at dramatically reducing your risk. We strive to make your business processes prosper and your company more agile.
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Добавлено: 29-Сент-2005
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IPM  Популярный
Описание: IPM was created in 1992 and was operating under the name Georgian Institute of Public Opinion (GIPO). In 1998 GIPO was renamed IPM -Georgia. IPM is rapidly growing and expanding its activity providing highly reliable and quality research service. Beginning in 1992 two specialists and twenty interviewers worked for the organization. In that first year only two quantitative surveys were completed. One was an annual Euro barometer survey conducted by the European Union in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Progress In 1998 IPM’s volume was increased by approximately 200% compared to 1997. At present 6 regional centers have been established throughout Georgia. Ongoing projects are staffed by several Project and Data Managers and Project Coordinators. More than 100 well-trained interviewers throughout Georgia are supervised by about 15 supervisors. IPM Today IPM is a full service consulting firm; wherein prognosing, determination of market capacity and its changes, identification of issues connected with the introduction of a new product, and many other tasks are undertaken. We conduct surveys, focus groups and media analyses. This is the reason why the largest Georgian private and state companies have become our clients, along with foreign companies.
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Добавлено: 29-Авг-2005
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Institute of stomatology Ltd  Популярный
Описание: The Institute of Stomatology is assignee of the State Institute of Stomatology at the Georgian State Academy of Physical Education and Sport which was founded in July 1995. It is located in Tbilisi under the following address: 49a Chavchavadze Avenue. Study in the Institute comprises three stages, as: institute, resident course and post-graduate course. Institute: Study duration - 5 years; upon completing of the said a graduate is awarded with qualification of a dentist. Scientific and research studies are carried out by post-graduate students and researchers of the said institute at specified chairs under guidance of professors and tutors. Current studies cover such urgent problems as chronic periodontitis as well as diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mouth cavity mucous membrane diseases. Admitted to the post-graduate courses will be the undergraduates of the Institute willing to continue scientific studies in the field of dentistry; study duration - 3 years. The Institute has material and technical means and facilities so that to support both the training process and scientific studies effected by professors, tutors and students. There are 59 qualified teachers and tutors at the Institute of Stomatology, including 39 having scientific degrees as doctors and professors.
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