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Elite-RC Co. Ltd  Популярный
Описание: Our firm ELITE-RC Co. Ltd was founded in 1992. The following orientation of activity had been chosen: Education; Tourism-hotel services for our students and foreign visitors; Commercial activity, mainly oriented on learning materials and stationary. At the starting stage intensive Language Courses of the following foreign languages were the main specialization of the Firm: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Georgian. And a little later – Computer Courses. For the period of existence of our company about 2000 students of foreign languages and up to 600 students of computer courses have successfully passed through. Since December 1, 2000 Elite-RC Co. LTD has been an Official Representative of Educational Services, EsVita Inc., promoting programmes in the sphere of cultural exchange and education in the USA, the countries of Western Europe, England, Australia, etc. to all interested - students, business people, teachers, etc. In March 2001 ELITE-RC Co. Ltd was awarded the
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Добавлено: 29-Сент-2005
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IT-Knowledge  Популярный
Описание: Founded in December 2002, IT-knowledge Ltd. is a flexible fast growing IT company headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. IT-Knowledge serves organization and firms from all Georgia, which forward their specialists in IT-Knowledge Training Center to study computer sciences. Our mission is to assist the prosperity of our customers, investors and partners by developing and marketing of innovative IT technologies and solutions. We provide the best possible value in software solutions for the development and deployment of your critical business information systems. Because we are able to recognize and maximize your IT investments, our solutions aim at dramatically reducing your risk. We strive to make your business processes prosper and your company more agile.
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Добавлено: 29-Сент-2005
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Conjuncture research center  Популярный
Описание: CRC Ltd is a one of the leading marketing and opinion research agency in Georgia. It was founded in 1995, as a private limited liability company. Registration #2/4-577 in Tbilisi Didube District Court, Tax Payer's Identification # 201948090. СRC Ltd, as an effective partner, provides reliable, accurate, fast and high quality services for domestic and foreign clients. CRC Ltd is committed to: Design the most efficient research method to meet client needs Provide a high quality data collection, processing, statistical analysis and interpretation of obtained results Demonstrate strong confidentiality CRC Ltd carries out its activities in close collaboration with clients through each stage of the research process. List of CRC Ltd's clients nowadays includes: International organizations Governmental agencies Internationally operating research/consulting companies NGO and political organizations Producers/distributors of goods/services
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Добавлено: 20-Сент-2005
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Sakpatenti  Популярный
Описание: Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia became one of the earliest countries that started the functioning its own industrial property protection system. The functionality of the independent industrial property legal system is dated from 1993 May 1. At its initial stage, it was called a Patent Office, which was responsible for receiving patent applications, conducting examination procedures upon them, and granting patents. Similar actions were undertaken as to the registration of trademarks within the same Office. The newly established legal framework pertaining to the intellectual property protection in Georgia was very much similar to that of the former Soviet Union, the basic difference between the two being the fact that the patent granted to the applicant involved was considered to be at the applicant's disposal, as distinct from the Soviet legal patent system where the protective document, so called "certificate of ownership", with its legal right was entirely at the disposal of the Soviet government. Since the date of its establishment, Georgia's industrial property protection system has been undergoing dramatic changes as to the development of its legal framework and the organizational arrangement of the Office as a whole. Right at the initial stage of its operation, it became party to the PCT, and from that point onwards, close cooperation with various intellectual property offices throughout the world has rapidly been expanding. Major developments have been performed thanks to the assistance of WIPO and EPO whose efforts have been directed mainly towards the provision of information and training of personnel as well. These two major offices are doing their utmost in order to keep abreast the industrial property offices outside the EP convention of the latest developments in this area of industrial property protection. These and other assisting activities of WIPO and EPO became incentive for development of the internal information system in Georgia's Intellectual Property Office. In the last three years or so the Office conducted extensive work aimed at implementing a modernized automated system for performing examination procedures and handling the applications filed with the Office as well as keeping accountancy, etc. The information system includes also searchable databases of national patent and trademark data which is provided to the expert users via a local area network. The implementation project was launched in 1997 and it is at the stage of completion at present. IP information is obtained, along with other information sources, through the Internet. Access to the Internet is available as of August 1995. Shortly after the getting access to the Internet, the Office developed its own Website containing the information on all aspects of its activity. The main trend of the office information policy is for the time being to acquire as many IP documentation as is needed to cover all of the major developed countries throughout the world. In this regard, basic collection on CDROMs has been acquired and is extensively used by the Office staff using the juke-boxes specially purchased for these purposes. As regards the freshest information which is not yet included in the CDROMs the examiners are using the remote access to the commercial databases for this purposes, as is e.g. Questel-Orbit. National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia is located in Tbilisi. Currently, it has approximately 150 employees. The Office represents a single premises and is divided into several departments. The department which is responsible for conducting e.g. patent examination is subdivided into the following technical divisions: - Physics, electronics and Electrical Engineering; - Mechanics; - Mining, Building and Light Industry; - Organic Chemistry; - Inorganic Chemistry; - Biology and Biotechnology; - Food Industry. The Trademarks examination department is composed of four divisions. Apart from the examination departments there are a Department of Automation, Department for Information and International Relations, and legal Department. Remaining departments are functioning for administrative purposes as well as accountancy etc. Being formerly titled as Georgian Patent Office the organization, in 1999, was given another name - National Intellectual Property Center. The New title of the organization more completely formulates all aspects of its expanded activities for the last few years.
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Office Gela Mikadze  Популярный
Описание: Office Gela Mikadze is one of the leading Intellectual Property Law Firm in Georgia. We provide legal services to more than two thousands international, national, regional and local clients. We are a business-minded law firm serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities to individuals and nonprofit organizations from offices in Tbilisi, (Georgia) and Rockville, Maryland, (USA). Our practice covers the spectrum of intellectual property services, including applying for protection, litigation, appeals, interferences, licensing, opinions, corporate transactions and due diligence in Georgia, the CIS Countries and the Baltic States. This commitment to our clients and to excellence has propelled the firm to national prominence. Mutual respect and a common desire to excel on behalf of each of our clients are present in every aspect of the firm's practice. Our continuing success and Georgia's recent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) encourage us to draw your attention on the services our law firm provides. Gela Mikadze Managing Director President of the Association of the Georgian Patent Attorneys
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Добавлено: 20-Сент-2005
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GRM (George R. Meipariani)  Популярный
Описание: GRM IP Law Office is a Georgian intellectual property firm located in Tbilisi. We provide all kinds of services concerning registration and protection of patents, industrial designs, utility models, trademarks, copyrights and domain names in Georgia. We also provide protection of industrial property objects in Armenia, Azerbaijan and in other ex-USSR countries. GRM IP Law Office was founded in 1997 and now we are members of INTA and AIPPI. Head of the office is patent attorney of Georgia Mr. George R. Meipariani, Reg.№ 18. We have direct contacts with more than 100 intellectual property firms from different parts of the world and represent interests of many leading companies from USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, India, Japan, China and other countries.
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Добавлено: 20-Сент-2005
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Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory (Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory)  Популярный
Описание: Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory (GENAO), known as Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory, is located on Mount Kanobili (1700 m above sea level) at 200 km distance from Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. The Observatory is the first high-altitude astrophysical observatory in former Soviet Union. It was founded in February 8, 1932. Galaxies, stars, solar physics, solar system bodies and Earth’s atmosphere are topics of intensive scientific research in GENAO. 125-cm Ritchey-Chretien telescope, 70-cm meniscus telescope and 53-cm solar coronagraph are main observational facilities in the Observatory.
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Georgian Mathematical Journal  Популярный
Описание: The Georgian Mathematical Journal (GMJ) was founded by the Georgian Academy of Sciences in 1994 and is jointly produced by the Academy and Heldermann Verlag. The Editorial Board of GMJ is headed by the Managing Editor Prof. I. Kiguradze. GMJ publishes scientific mathematical articles from all fields of mathematics. All submitted papers are peer-reviewed before publication. One volume is published per year, consisting of four issues with about 200 pages each. The journal is available from Heldermann Verlag (see below Subscription Information). Volumes 1-6 appeared as a coproduction of the Academy and the Plenum Publishing Corporation (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers since 1999).
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Добавлено: 20-Сент-2005
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RPC "Electron Technology"  Популярный
Описание: RPC "Electron Technology" of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) has a long-standing experience, know-how and laboratory facilities in the field of gallium arsenide and related compounds. 25 years of investigations, development and production to the orders of the Military-Industrial Complex of the former Soviet Union. Developments in the field of RF Gunn diodes, p-i-n diodes, field-effect transistors (FET's), high electron mobility transistors (HEMT's) as well as integrated circuits (IC's). Since 1992, after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the RPC has a status of a laboratory of TSU. Redirection of focus - RPC have redirected their focus from national to international cooperation to become a member of the borderless scientific community, also undertaking market-oriented research and development. Since 1994 - participation in the conversion processes within the framework of implementation of international projects and programs, integration into the world scientific community, updating of facilities.
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Добавлено: 20-Сент-2005
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High Energy Physics Institute  Популярный
Описание: High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State University (HEPI TSU) was founded in 1979 on the basis of High Energy Physics Laboratory which existed in the Physics Department of TSU since early sixties. Now HEPI TSU is a scientific institute with own building, budget, computing and internet facilities, with experimental mechanical shops and library. The staff of the Institute at present consists of about 100 employers, half of which are physicists. Research activity of the institute is developed mainly in the following fields: Experimental researches in high energy particle physics; Experimental studies in heavy ion collisions; Theoretical investigations in high energy particle physics and quantum field theory; Theoretical studies in nuclear physics. The greater part of research works is carried out in close collaboration with leading scientific centers such as JINR(Dubna), CERN(Geneva), PSI(Villigen), KFA(Juelich), IHEP(Protvino) and others.
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Добавлено: 20-Сент-2005
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