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A.Razmadze mathematical institute  
: Mathematical research in Georgia began immediately after the opening of Tbilisi State University (1918). The initiators of the research were the first Georgian scientists in mathematics A.Razmadze, N.Muskhelishvili, A.Kharadze and G.Nikoladze. On October 8, 1933 a research institute of mathematics, physics and mechanics with N.Muskhelishvili as director was set up under Tbilisi State University. On October 1, 1935, at the initiative of N.Muskhelishvili and his closest associates V.Kupradze and I.Vekua, the mathematics and mechanics section of the above-mentioned institute was transformed into a mathematical research institute under the auspices of the Georgian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The institute was included into the Georgian Academy of Sciences after the latter was founded in February, 1941. In 1944 the institute was granted the name of A. Razmadze. Along with N.Muskhelishvili, V.Kupradze and I.Vekua, to the first generation of mathematical researchers of the institute belong A.Bitsadze, V.Chelidze, G.Chogoshvili, D.Dolidze, L.Gokieli, A.Gorgidze, A.Kalandia, I.Kartsivadze, A.Kharadze, B.Khvedelidze, D.Kveselava, G.Lomadze, L.Magnaradze, K.Marjanishvili, Sh.Mikeladze, A.Rukhadze, N.Vekua, A.Walfisz. Their fundamental results on the mathematical theory of elasticity [28, 48-56, 71, 72, 74, 75, 77, 80, 91, 97-100], singular integral equations [73, 76, 78, 79, 81, 82, 101-103], complex and real analysis [7, 8, 31-33, 93, 95, 96], differential equations and mathematical physics [2-5, 44-47, 70, 83, 90, 92, 94], topology [10-14], the theory of numbers [104-108] and computational mathematics [60-68] won the institute a high scientific reputation worldwide. At various times, with institute collaborated the outstanding foreign scientists P. S. Aleksandrov, S.Bergman, S.N.Bernstein, M. V. Keldysh, M. A. Lavrentyev, V. I. Smirnov and S.L.Sobolev. The first director of the institute was V.Kupradze (1935-1941). Throughout 1941-1976 the institute almost unintermittently was headed by N.Muskhelishvili. From September, 1951 to April, 1952 the acting director of the institute was V.Chelidze. In 1976-1989 the institute was directed by N.Vekua, and since 1989 its director has been I.Kiguradze. The institute's deputy directors for scientific research were I.Vekua (1940-1941), A.Gorgidze (1941-1954), G.Manjavidze (1954-1977) and T.Burchuladze (1977-1989). The present deputy director for scientific research is V.Kokilashvili who has been holding this post since 1989. At various times, the research departments of the institute were headed by S.Bergman, S.Bernstein, V.Chelidze, G.Chogoshvili, T.Gegelia, A.Kalandia, R.Kapanadze, A.Kharadze, E.Khmaladze, B.Khvedelidze, V.Kupradze, L.Magnaradze, G.Mania, M.Mikeladze, Sh.Mikeladze, N.Muskhelishvili, T.Shervashidze, O.Tsereteli, I.Vekua, N.Vekua, A.Walfisz. Presently, the institute has 9 departments: Department of Algebra (head H. Inassaridze) Department of Geometry and Topology (head T. Kadeishvili) Department of Mathematical Analysis (head V. Kokilashvili) Department of Differential Equations (head I. Kiguradze) Department of Mathematical Physics (head R. Duduchava) Department of the Theory of Elasticity (head R. Bantsuri) Department of Theoretical Physics (head A. Tavkhelidze) Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (head T. Toronjadze) Department of Scientific Information (head M. Balavadze) The scientific secretary of the institute is N. Partsvania. The institute has the Scientific Certification Board (chairman I. Kiguradze) which awards the academic degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in the following specialities: mathematical analysis, differential equations, mathematical physics. Since 1937 the institute has been publishing the scientific journal "Proceedings of A.Razmadze Mathematical Institute". The institute is the founder of two international scientific journals: "Georgian Mathematical Journal" and "Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics". As from 1997, the Symposium on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics (DEMPh) is annually held at the institute
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: aieti daarsada dimitri tvildianis TaosnobiT 1991 wels da funqcionireba daiwyo 1992-1993 saswavlo wlidan. igi erTerTi pirveli arasaxelmwifo umaRlesi samedicino saswavlebelia saqarTveloSi. misi saganmanaTleblo programebi adaptirebulia aSS-is eqimTa salicenzio gamocdebis ( USMLE) UprogramebTan. saswavlo programebis struqturisa da maTi ganxorcielebis marTvis sistema originaluria, masze gacemulia saavtoro mowmoba. swavleba warmoebs inglisur da qarTul enebze mxolod inglisurenovani saxelmZRvaneloebis da damxmare literaturis gamoyenebiT. aieti-Si erTi fakultetia-samkurnalo. swavleba eqvs wliania da moicavs sam etaps: sabaziso disciplinebi (2,5 weli), klinikuri disciplinebi (2,5 weli) da diplomamdeli daxelovneba ZiriTad klinikur disciplinebSi (1 weli). saswavlo programa Sedgeba calkeuli ciklebisgan, modulebisagan, TiToeuli maTganis damTavrebis Semdeg tardeba testirebuli gamocda, romelic gavlenas axdens calkeul sagnebSi saboloo Sefasebaze. akademiuri wlis xangrZlivoba 40 kviraa (2 semestri). TiToeuli kursis bolos tardeba testirebuli sakurso gamocda, erTdroulad wlis manZilze gavlil yvela saganSi kvotebis Sesabamisad. aieti Sesulia sruliad msoflios jandacvis direqtoratis nusxaSi (1995). igi wevria aSS-is kolejTa (1997) da evropis samedicino institutebis (1998) asociaciebisa da Sesulia samedicino ganaTlebis saerTaSoriso asociaciis komitetis cnobarSi (1995). aieti evrokavkasiuri interdisciplinaruli swavlebis universitetis partnioruli wevria (2005). aieti-s kursdamTavrebulebi Rebuloben saxelmwifo da sakuTriv aieti-s diplomebs. ganvlili 12 weliwadSi Catarebulia 7 gamoSveba, aieti daamTavra 197-ma studentma.
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Cerma (ENG)  
: Established in 1997 we grew into leading management consulting company and executive education centre with wide range capabilities. Now we are expanding to regional transitional markets with substantial experience gained in Georgia. (With substantial experience gained in Georgia, we are now expanding to regional transitional markets.) Our assets are: qualified business consultants, efficient management, professional image in business community, links with governmental and international organizations, strategic alliances with international consulting companies, expertise in providing industry, cluster and market analysis and policy advice. Our Capabilities are built on professionals available at CERMA Local Management Consultants Foreign and local Industry and Technical (technology related) Experts Support Staff experienced in procurement, accounting, project support and other basic services. CERMA consultants and management have business education receieved at different leading western business schools, substantial hands-on practice in emerging markets, including interim management experience.
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Conjuncture research center  
: CRC Ltd is a one of the leading marketing and opinion research agency in Georgia. It was founded in 1995, as a private limited liability company. Registration #2/4-577 in Tbilisi Didube District Court, Tax Payer's Identification # 201948090. RC Ltd, as an effective partner, provides reliable, accurate, fast and high quality services for domestic and foreign clients. CRC Ltd is committed to: Design the most efficient research method to meet client needs Provide a high quality data collection, processing, statistical analysis and interpretation of obtained results Demonstrate strong confidentiality CRC Ltd carries out its activities in close collaboration with clients through each stage of the research process. List of CRC Ltd's clients nowadays includes: International organizations Governmental agencies Internationally operating research/consulting companies NGO and political organizations Producers/distributors of goods/services
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Elite-RC Co. Ltd  
: Our firm ELITE-RC Co. Ltd was founded in 1992. The following orientation of activity had been chosen: Education; Tourism-hotel services for our students and foreign visitors; Commercial activity, mainly oriented on learning materials and stationary. At the starting stage intensive Language Courses of the following foreign languages were the main specialization of the Firm: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Georgian. And a little later Computer Courses. For the period of existence of our company about 2000 students of foreign languages and up to 600 students of computer courses have successfully passed through. Since December 1, 2000 Elite-RC Co. LTD has been an Official Representative of Educational Services, EsVita Inc., promoting programmes in the sphere of cultural exchange and education in the USA, the countries of Western Europe, England, Australia, etc. to all interested - students, business people, teachers, etc. In March 2001 ELITE-RC Co. Ltd was awarded the
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G.Tsulukidze Institute of Mining  
: G. Tsulukidze Institute of Mining was founded in the Georgian Academy of Sciences in 1957. The Director of the institute is Levan Abel Japaridze the member correspondent of Georgian Acafemy of Sciences. G. Tsulukidze Institute of Mining of the Georgian Academy of Sciences is the only Academic Scientific organization of such kind. The main lines are to search for the useful minerals, to refine them, to build the underground buildings, to study scientific, technological and ecological problems of research of stationary modes and dynamic processes of mining and concentrating machines and equipment, stationary equipment, pipeline and ropeway transport. 228 persons work in the Institute. 2 of them are member-correspondents of Georgian Scientific Academy. 14 persons are the doctors of technical sciences, 44 candidates of technical sciences. Nowadays 18 kind of work is carried out according 2003 year plan of Georgian Academy of Scientific Research work. Academy grant program financed 10 projects. The most important results of fundamental and useful research work during last 5 years:The methods of useful mineral mines estimation, condition and defining parameters according modern requirements are carried out. The methods of underground building reinforcement construction choosing the time is obtained. The Georgian magnum mine conditions are realized in accordance with International Market requirement. The mine plants renovation and reconstruction the main principles of the evaluation of the invested projects by taking into account the environment. The ventilation of transport tunnel systems is worked out. The electricity energy cost cutting based on the neutralization method of dangerous fumes spread from the transport is obtained. While bursting the concrete hard masses determination of methods of hit waves parameters and using the energy placed composed Barium powder pressing and from this substances receive the surface enamel technology is worked out. The rational technologic schemes plans that determine the most important economic and ecological effect are worked out. The stationary and non-stationary modes are investigated at multiphase submission of hydro and air impurity, the methods and means of increase of reliability of pipeline transport and techniques of account of their basic parameters are developed, which realization will promote improvement of technical and economic parameters of the given systems. The Georgian coal industry developing programs main parameters are worked out. Lately the scientific problems of Georgian mine maintaining and defining industry restoring and development problems are in the center of the attention of the institute. The institute took part in creating the scientific technological project the measures of restoring magnum mining. The results were the bases for the command of Georgia's president the measures for taking theauction Society "Chiaturmagnum" out from the crises in the program of Georgian coal industry's restoration and development the recommendations are made by the institute. The results of the scientific research work was maintained by the institute. The investigation program for useful mining was made. According to the Georgian-Japanese inter-government agreement the institute collaborates with Japanese company "Jaika" for creating Georgian mine industry development general plan. The scientists of this Institute take active part in the conferences that are held abroad. In the Republican and foregn (America, Germany, Austria, Russia) scientific technical publishing centers the scientists publish 20-25 scientific articles annuallu where the results of the scientific research work made in the institute are given. Lately the institute gained one independent Grant from the international scientific technical center. The "Intasi" Grant financed the work that was partially done by institute that was concerning burst energy usage for pressing borium material. Nowadays in the institute among the main scientific direction paralelly the scientific research work are developed that will give the institute the chance to take part more actively in "Silk Way" Gas and Pipeline projects realization processes.
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Geoengineering (ENG,GEO)  
: GeoEngineering Ltd is the only local company in the South Caucasus that has successfully gone through certification process and been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in Engineering Surveys, Design, Construction, Project Management, Research and Planning. The certificate applies within the fields of Civil Engineering, Energy and Transport Systems. GeoEngineering Ltd was established on May 22 1997. The Company's key personnel include 64 full-time and 400 freelance engineers, scientists and management specialists with extensive international experience invited from Georgian Technical University and other lead engineering, design, management and scientific institutions. More than 95% of GeoEngineering revenues come from international clients. This, together with the excellent tax record and credit history, assures our financial independence. GeoEngineering Ltd. started cooperation with foreign companies starting from 1997, the time of its foundation. Since then, volume, scope, scale and complexity of works performed for foreign clients have been constantly increasing. Among GeoEngineering clients are well known international organizations such as: American Embassy, BP, Chevron, Conoco, Dames & Moore, GPC, Kvaerner John Brown, McConnell Dowell, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Statoil, Tekfen, URS/Dames & Moore, World Bank, GIOC, Magticom, Georgian Railway Department, etc. Cooperation with these Clients has assisted in forging GeoEngineering's project and company management systems and embracing ethical business culture. During the five-year history the Company's average annual revenues have increased 9-fold and exceeded 3 million GEL. This is a remarkable achievement given the fact that the company was started from zero, was left out of the privatization process and never received any substantial contracts from state organizations (share of the revenues coming through Georgian governmental clients has never exceeded 2-4% of the company's annual sales). Nevertheless, in the recent three years GeoEngineering has paid over 1.400.000 GEL worth of tax to the state budget. GeoEngineering has made a significant professional contribution into projects that are critical for Georgia and the South Caucasus, including: Western Route Export Pipeline, Baku-Supsa Baku-Tbilisi-Erzerum Export Gas Pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Export Oil Pipeline Khashuri to Batumi Oil Pipeline Rehabilitation Tbilisi (Georgia) to Kars (Turkey) Railway Project LPG Terminals in Poti and Batumi Oil Terminals in Poti and Batumi Existing Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation and Development Communication and Electrical Lines and Masts; Tkibuli Thermal Power Plant Municipal Infrastructure Projects Georgian Unified Transport System Gardabani Thermal Power Plant Mazut Storage and Supply System Trade and Transport Facilitation in Caucasus, etc. Quality assurance and HSE systems, culture of innovation, recruitment policy and human resource development programs, new cooperation models with educational and scientific institutions allow us to ensure superior performance and quality levels. GeoEngineering is especially proud of its personnel including employees with Master's and PhD degrees, graduates of lead international universities, and members of international scientific, engineering and other professional associations. GeoEngineering is open to cooperate with local and foreign companies and institutions with the objective of finding joint solutions for developmental projects in Georgia and Caucasus.
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: The Geoinformation Systems and Remote Sensing Consulting Center GeoGraphic was founded in Tbilisi in 1998. Since its establishment, GeoGraphic has been greatly contributing to development and utilization of modern technologies for spatial information management. The center provides special consulting services in the fields of geoinformation systems and remote sensing.
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Georgian Electronic Scientific Journal  
: GESJ ()- , , , , , . GESJ - the Georgian Electronic Scientific Journal, computer sciences and telecommunication, pedagogical sciences and psychology, physics, jurisprudence, musikology and cultural science.
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: 26--2005
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